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Our Story 

Hello! My name is Tanya and I am from Ukraine. In the spring of 2022, me and my dog Summer arrived in Annecy, where we were kindly greeted by the French people. During the first 3 months I learned basic French, met nice friends and visited many interesting places.

The idea to create a guide came up for one goal - to help other Ukrainians in Annecy adapt to a new life. Therefore, this and all future guides are free to use for all Ukrainians.
For all other foreign tourists who just want to support, there is an option to buy the guide for 5 euros.

France is an extremely beautiful country, so there is always something to be inspired by.
This is my minimal contribution and big gratitude to all the French people I have met, who are so actively helping to create comfortable conditions for us here.

Special thanks:

Gilbert & Philippe Ponthoreau

Julie Cresp & Signature Communication

Danièle & Frédéric Le Carval

Florence Gentil-Perret

Françoise Brun Ney

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